The legend of the marzipans began in Tallinn, Estonia, in the 15th century. A councilman was unwell and the head pharmacist’s apprentice, Mart, was asked to make a medicine. Since he had to consume it before administering it to the royalty, Mart decided to make the medicine tasty by adding almonds and sugar. The councilman loved it and called it Mart’s Bread, which soon found its way into towns across Europe. Over time, it came to be known as marzipan.

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Thea Tammeleht

Thea Tammeleht, who hails from Estonia, has been making marzipan from a traditional family recipe. She founded Nordic Kandie Magic (NKM), along with her Indian partner, Thomas Abraham, in February this year. The company offers authentic gourmet marzipan treats.

The duo uses mamra almonds that are imported from Iran. “We choose almonds the way grapes are grown and chosen for creating the finest wine,” says Tammeleht. NKM’s marzipans are covered with edible gold. “Our edible gold and silver are imported from a factory that has been supplying to royalty since 1820. We use Belgium chocolate and natural flavours,” says Tammeleht, whose marzipans are vegetarian, gluten and cholesterol free. 

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