“What sense does it make to use many thousand litres of water to maintain the pitch on which cricket matches are played,” the BJP leader said.

“Moreover, this water is used in a state seeing the worst drought of the century. It is not justified,” he said. Tawade said he had written to IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla to reconsider organising the T20 matches in Mumbai.

Water more vital than cash
“There are talks of donating a part of revenue generated out of IPL matches to drought-hit Maharashtra. But when it comes to choosing between revenue and water, water is more important,” Tawde said. Shiv Sena last week asked owners of IPL teams to contribute Rs 500 crore towards drought relief from the revenue generated through the event.

IPL’s sixth season will begin April 3 and end May 26. Eight matches will be played in Mumbai.