Relationships: 6 reasons why younger women fall for older men

Relationship: 6 reasons why younger women fall for older men
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Sugar Daddy Syndrome, commonly termed as 'attraction to older men', something young women go through has been studied extensively by relationship experts...

Father figure
Older men have a mentor-like feel about them, something that women fall for instantly. Freud says it comes out of the fact that subconsciously, they find them fatherly, and for a young woman, her father is the ultimate epitome of manlihood.

Smooth operators
Older men may not be as wild as young ones, but they surely know the tricks of the trade. They know how to flatter with poetry and pun, make every stroke a master's, and charm like a gentleman things where little lads often fail.

Ready and able
Older men have had decades to work on their act, and are ready to take the plunge.

Full of surprises
Elderly men were more likely to surprise women with flowers and chocolates, as compared to men half their age.

Mr. Moneybags
Older men are financially stable, so, they can afford to shower their partners with gifts.

The romance factor
Consultant psychiatrist YA Matcheswalla says that while there is no age limit for romance, agrees that for men in their fifties, romance depends on the overall quality of the relationship. "Younger men tend to be more self-absorbed and egotistical. They can also be more insecure. But after a certain age, they tend to make more of an effort," says Matcheswalla.

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