Relationships: 7 unhealthy habits that can kill sex drive

Mar 28, 2017, 20:02 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Relationships: 7 habits that can kill your sex drive

Life has turned mechanical for many of us. Long working hours, frequent official tours, bringing work home from office, and less scope for togetherness- are some factors that let our personal lives take a back seat. Also, falling prey to such a busy and tiring lifestyle, we tend to ignore our health and other priorities of life. Sex or sexual desire is something that takes a back seat when we get too much engrossed in other acts and tend to ignore personal relationships. The urge for physical satisfaction, the deep feeling of sex, the nude looks, and the naughty moments on bed drain down the mental system. Before you blame your counterpart or freak out at each other for lack of sex, click the pause button and think of reasons that can be the biggest enemies to your sex drive. Some of those are mentioned below:

1. Binge drinking: One pint of beer or a glass of red wine is fine to with a dinner platter. But, consuming several glasses of wine, whisky, or beer affect the libido and gradually kills sex drive. Couple of drinks dehydrates the body, slows down orgasm, and offers less scope for lubrication. Alcohol is also considered to be a depressant that slows down responses and brain functioning during sex.

2. Inadequate exercise: Regular exercise is the mantra to good health, which also includes great sex. Sitting steadily at work throughout the day often makes you lazy on bed too. Sitting hinders blood flow to the private parts like it does to other parts of the body. So, exercise regularly and go for a walk to boost your libido and enhance your sex drive.

Relationships: 7 habits that can kill your sex drive

3. Lack of sleep: Hectic routines often make it difficult to fall asleep. Inadequate sleep or insomnia increases the production of stress hormone called cortisol, which in turn lowers testosterone level in the male body. Women with inadequate sleep often find it difficult to engage in sexual acts and attaining orgasm. So, if you and your partner are not indulging in sex like the earlier times, then consider inappropriate sleep to be one of the reasons.

4. Watching news before going off to bed: News programs are definitely not a light show to watch before going off to bed. Debates of politicians, crime news, news on natural calamities, fluatuating economies flood the channels most of the time. Watching such shows do not relieve your day-long stress, but rather increase it. And, stress and sex simply do not mix up. So, put aside those disturbing programs, relieve your mind from stress, and head to bed with a cheerful mood. If required take a shower for refreshment. Your sex drive will automatically hit up and your bed-scene can end in a great climax.

Relationships: 7 habits that can kill your sex drive

5. Smartphone addiction: Browsing smartphones in bed is one of the biggest reasons to kill sex drive. Browsing news sites, social media pages, or online shows before sleep create a distance between you and your partner, something that you realize when the relation already turns bitter. It does not ease off your tension, but rather make you more tired and less interested in sex. Keep the smartphone away and head to bed hands-free. Only then can you use your hands for tickling and cuddling each other. Slowly and gently, your bodies will generate heat up for a superb sex.

Relationships: 7 habits that can kill your sex drive

6. Late night dinner: What you eat and when you eat affects your libido. Late might dinner delays digestion and makes you feel heavy for a longer time. Try to have dinner by 8pm or 9pm if you want to have some great bedroom moments with your partner.

7. Overeating: Keep a check on portion sizes if you do not wish to kill your sex drive and worsen relationship. While heavy snacks in the afternoon can drain energy and make you feel lethargic for rest of the day, heavy dinner can also make you go lazy and drowsy. Some food items are definitely good for sex, but ensure that it does not make you super saturated and take a toll on your physical bonding.

Relationships: 7 habits that can kill your sex drive

Maintain a healthy life and keep things like TV programs, office works and smartphones at bay to concentrate on the sensual acts to spice up your life. Get wet and keep the fun on bed going as long as you can. 

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