Relieve your stress in a Mughal garden

May 17, 2016, 09:01 IST | The Guide Team

Over the past few years, adult colouring books have caught the attention of readers with it being promoted as a relaxation product to help reduce stress, calm the nerves and improve clarity.

Taking a cue, international publishers jumped on to the bandwagon by announcing colouring books to tempt stressed-out individuals with art as a hobby. Now, Good Earth has tied up with Penguin Books India to release India’s first adult colouring book, Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden.

Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden, Good Earth and Penguin Books India, R899
Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden, Good Earth and Penguin Books India, Rs 899

he book celebrates the grandeur and beauty of traditional Mughal garden architecture as it paints frames from the era and inspires vivid moods with immortal quotes from Sufi poet, Rumi.

One can fill colour to Mughal-inspired designs including paisleys and intricate motifs

From Mughal townscapes to costumes, flora and fauna (the Royal Bengal Tiger makes an appearance too) and regalia as well as eloquent jaali work designs, there is enough to inspire the colourist in you. The designs combine Persian, central Asian and indigenous Indian styles. Conceptualised by the design store’s founder, Anita Lal, it makes for a telling tribute to Indian motifs and aesthetics.

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