Remembering the Mahatma

Jan 31, 2012, 07:53 IST | Lindsay Pereira
The 63rd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi prompted a flurry of tweets, some paying tribute to him, others airing their views on Nathuram Godse, making both trending topics. Monika Rawal tweeted: 'Remembering Gandhi and wondering if Gandhigiri in today's world would make any sense.' In Jehangir Ali's words: 'Godse, before the dawn of extremism and radicalism, showed that there was no place for saner people in India.' A certain Paul Dueman weighed in with a bit of morbid humour: 'When Mr Godse was asked about his views on gun control, he replied "Use both hands".' And from Kiran Kumar S: 'Just in case you forgot, Gandhi's killer was hanged in 125 days; India's democracy's killer Afzal Guru isn't hanged for 3701 days [sic]!'

Mera Bharat Mahaan
What, according to you, is an awesome Indian thing? These examples that cropped up: 'A different language spoken every 100 kilometres', 'not going out to vote and then blaming the government for corruption and lousy governance', 'Roads that defy every GPS and navigation tool built' and 'when you tell your parents you got 98% and they ask what happened to the other 2%.'

Pick one
For reasons unknown, a number of people decided to pit America against the UK. It prompted GleekFromNYC to tweet: 'What kind of trending topic is that? Is Twitter trying to start World War 3?' Sophie Leigh commented: 'USA or UK? Ask yourself Twilight or Harry Potter and you have your answer.' In Voldemort Horcrux's words: 'Harry Potter was made in the UK, therefore we win.' And from actress Angelina Jolie: 'Why can't USA and UK trend, instead of USA or UK? Remember, divided we fall, united we stand. Together, the human race is one.'

The last word
From journalist Rajdeep Sardesai: 'Just asking: When will we produce a Grand Slam men's champion? Serbia, after all, has less people than Delhi?'

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