Mumbai: 'Remorseless' one-eyed serial molester threatens cop who arrested him

This happened at the court, right after the inspector told the judge that the accused had shown no remorse for his heinous crimes against children

The one-eyed man who had molested 25 children and struck terror into the hearts of parents in the city, yesterday threatened to kill the officer who had arrested him in 2014. This happened at the Sessions court, right after the inspector told the judge that the accused had shown no remorse for his heinous crimes.

Ansari confessed to molesting a total of 25 children
Ansari confessed to molesting a total of 25 children

The serial molester had eluded the police’s grasp for several months, but following a series of reports by mid-day, he was finally arrested a year ago by the DN Nagar Police, led by Investigating Officer Ajay Shirsagar and Inspector Milind Desai (who is now in the Economic Offences Wing).

It was in the break during a hearing at the Sessions court that the accused, Ayaz Mohammad Ali Ansari Alias Firoze Kaniya (37) told the IO, “Ek baar mujhe baahar aane de, Shirsagar, phir tujhe mein khatam kar doonga (Just wait till I get out of jail, then I will finish you).” Upon hearing of the threat, the judge advised Shirsagar to file a complaint, and the inspector registered a non-cognisable complaint at the Colaba police station.

mid-day had first reported about the serial molester in January 2014 to warn citizens of his modus operandi. Ansari would accost young girls and tell them that he was friend of their father’s and had a message for them. He would take the child to an isolated spot and molest her, before fleeing.

He was finally arrested on the morning of April 16, 2014. 14 cases of child molestation were registered against him in the suburbs — 11 at the Sessions court and three at the Dindoshi court. However, he was acquitted in three cases registered at Amboli, Santacruz and Andheri police stations.

A police officer said, “It was because of major negligence and shoddy work by the Amboli police that he got acquitted, even though the victim had identified him. Such criminals should be hanged.”

Currently, the Sessions court is hearing a case from DN Nagar police station, in which an 8-year-old girl was molested.

Inspector Shirsagar told the special POCSO Judge SKS Razvi about the heinous crime and explained Ansari’s modus operandi. He said there were several cases against the accused, but he had shown no remorse. Ansari listened silently but glared at Shirsagar throughout the testimony.

It was during the break, while they were outside the courtroom, that Ansari threatened the officer. The police escort kept Ansari at bay, and Shirsagar reported the matter to the judge and police.

  • Amit19-Apr-2016

    Relax guys.. this is india.. here corrupt and illiterate politicians govern literate people

  • kranti19-Apr-2016

    after molesting 25 he is still free.....what are the authorities waiting for? how come only a NC is made for a verbal open threat to a on duty FIR report shud be made and he shud be behind bars forever....come on...

  • BABU20-Apr-2016

    Treat according to law of his religion and that will be an end.No more Ansari

  • Vikram20-Apr-2016

    Relax guys..cops dont need FIR... only thing these cops need now is this man in jail of 3-4 days.. and I bet he will wont be able to do anything in his life after that..

  • SIM19-Apr-2016

    the criminal like this must be hand till death. court must not show mercy on him. the crime of molestation against small children make children mentally paralyze and they will never recover from that incident.

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