Phone went missing while supporters and security personnel carried him on their shoulders outside the chief minister's residence, after the Koppal by-poll victory
Excise Minister Renukacharya's celebrated his victory at the Koppal bi-elections, but realised that it had cost quite dearly.

The minister lost his iPhone while celebrating with his supporters, bursting crackers and distributing sweets in front of the chief minister's residence on Race Course Road yesterday.

With plenty of confidential messages in the phone, Renukacharya
fears adverse effects if the phone goes into wrong hands

Interestingly, the small celebratory group comprised of Renukacharya's close confidants and his security personnel.

Renukacharya has complained to the High Grounds police and fears that the theft was cause for concern.

"I have so much confidential information on my mobile in terms of numbers and messages," he said adding that the incident could have adverse effect if the phone got into the wrong hands.

Renukacharya believes his phone, worth Rs 40,000, was stolen while his frenzied supporters were carrying him.
The theft came to light when aides informed the minister that people calling to congratulate him on his victory, found that the phone was switched off.
The minister was fuming and demanded that his phone be returned immediately. He even threatened everyone present, including his security personnel, with dire consequences.

The High Grounds Police have begun investigations and have asked for the CCTV footage to identify the
"We have also requested the minister for his handset's IMEA number to aid in tracking it," said a police