Repair work on Western Express Highway disrupts traffic near Santacruz

The traffic on the south bound stretch Western Express Highway was badly affected on Saturday morning at 10 am between Andheri to Santacruz flyover due to the repairing work of the expansion joints of the Santacruz flyover.

Western Express HighwayThe construction work at the Santacruz flyover. Pic/Ranjeet Jadhav

More than 1 km long traffic jam was observed on the south bound stretch of WEH. Private security guards along with traffic police constables were present at the site to prevent the traffic from worsening.

Western Express HighwayTraffic jam on the western Express Highway. Pic/Ranjeet Jadhav

To reduce the traffic, the police officials have dismantled the divider before the Santacruz flyover for the vehicles travelling in south Mumbai direction via one lane of the north stretch which has also resulted in traffic jam on the stretch going towards north Mumbai.

Traffic jam
Pic/ Ajinkya Sawant

Traffic jam
Pic/ Ajinkya Sawant

According to traffic police officials, the work is expected to continue in coming days because of which the vehicles will have to face more traffic jam.

Traffic Jam
Pic/ Ajinkya Sawant

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