Take A Cow Home
The RSS is down after BJP’s recent debacle in Bihar but certainly not out. After lobbying hard for inclusion of Sin Tax in the forthcoming Union budget, the right wing party is now encouraging a nationwide Adopt-A-Cow movement. The move is simple and there are some economic angles to it. You need not keep the animal home; organisations will help keep it at their sheds and also give you the moolah for all its products, spanning from poo to milk, may be ghee.

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

First dent on the holy grail
Ever since Shashank Manohar has assumed the Big Boss in BCCI, the genial administrator has kept one agenda uppermost in his mind: clean, corruption-free BCCI. But insiders in the world’s richest cricket board claim there is something that is bothering the Nagpur-based Manohar — a case of financial bungling involving the BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur in Dharamshala. The state vigilance has booked Thakur and his brother despite Thakur’s claim that it was nothing but political vendetta. But those in the other side of the fence in BCCI are gearing up to hype it in the media, and also in the Dubai-based ICC, the controlling body of world cricket.

Who killed Maggi’s goose
The dust has finally settled in the big-bucks Maggi controversy over whether India’s most favourite noodle had high lead content. The product is back on the shelves, though there are some reports saying Maggi pasta is also not clean. Tired of repeated charges, the Swiss multinational has hired a top communications agency to counter the salvos, and dig up who wants Maggi to suffer in India. Any takers for this high profile assignment? It could also be the new story of the decade.

Delhi wedding fever
TThe Nicole Kidman chat with Suhel Seth, at the most, would be a two-hour affair. But the one Delhi is waiting and watching with bated breath is the Monday wedding of Arun Jaitley’s daughter. It has already been dubbed as the city’s biggest networking event, considering the popularity of the Finance Minister. All those with big calling cards are heading that way, among them Mamata Banerjee. The Bengal CM has sought time from the PM. She says she will ask Narendra Modi why Bengal, unlike Tamil Nadu, was ignored when she sought cash for floods. But that’s official. The buzz in Kolkata is high that the CM is, actually, going to meet up Modi to dilute the CBI-Sharada heat. The out-of-power Left Front has cryptically commented: Bhaiya Dooj in a wedding.