Restricted entry: What doesn't make national headlines, but could, makes it here

Dec 20, 2015, 08:40 IST | A Correspondent

Everyone loves Prashant
He was once the blue eyed boy of Narendra Modi, till he was ousted by Amit Shah. But Prashant Kishore, ever since he helped the Nitish Kumar-Laloo Yadav combine in Bihar win a historic poll against BJP, is in huge demand. In a deal mediated by veteran lawyer and former BJP strongman Ram Jethmalani, he has signed up for Congress for next year’s Assam elections. His team members have already move to Guwahati and Kishore is in the final stages of negotiations with Amrinder Singh, the former Punjab CM for elections in Punjab.

Reliance first, or Eden
In sentimental Kolkata, this one is the latest doing the rounds: Is it necessary to change the name of an iconic stadium just because loads of cash could come in the coffers. Those running the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), now headed by one of India’s finest skippers, say, Yes. The city says, No. The proposal is to get a name on the lines of Eden Gardens The Reliance Stadium. Initially, everyone revolted. But good sense eventually prevailed and the proposal has now been accepted. What will follow is standard cricket politics, this time over juggling of words: Will it be Eden first or Reliance first?

Let’s go after CBI
Rattled by the recent raid on his office by the Central Bureau of Investigation, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has asked his men to expose corruption in the country’s premier investigating agency. A white paper, claim AAP insiders, would be then distributed across India. The first chapter, it is needless to mention, would revolve around the infamous diary of former CBI chief Ranjit Sinha that showed Sinha meeting people linked to scam tainted companies investigated by the agency. And helping AAP is its top investigator, former journalist Aashish Khetan.

Last Word
The buzz that is doing the rounds in Delhi is not what Sonia and Rahul would be doing at the courts, but around conversations FM Arun Jaitley had at a dinner with Congress leader Kapil Sibal.

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