The Trinity at work
The Cola giants have long ceased fighting, the famous Cola wars in India — preparations for which used to start once from January every year — is now a thing of the past. In the corridors of power, many claim its a trinity now at work, highlighting how healthy fruit juices, water and zero sugar drinks are things to look for, not the Colas. And all are working together in the show. The Supreme Brahma is the government itself, Vishnu being the Coca Cola head Venkatesh Kini, his name standing for the Lord with the Chakra, and Pepsi headed by Shiva Kumar. When the Trinity is at work, can there be any fight?

Who called AIIMS
Ever since the Delhi Police has said Sunanda Pushkar was murdered, politicians of one particular party have started checking out whether their names are not on the list of those who called to apply pressure on doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to change the autopsy report. The problem is no one stores or remembers call details, they have to depend on their respective cellular operators. Lines, someone claimed in the Indian Capital, are buzzing round the clock these days.

A new push from Jaitley
What was Arun Jaitley’s “special role” in the government’s much-hyped Start Up India campaign? The FM, it is reliably learnt, wanted to cut through the red tape and told PM Narendra Modi that the initiative should be free from all bureaucratic controls. Else, it would be back to licence raj, Jaitley impressed upon the cabinet, keeping in mind a major factor — bulk of those coming for the government's special project are from the Silicon Valley and New Delhi, warned Jaitley, should not send a wrong message to the techies. After all, they are the ones who would rule the new world, Jaitley stressed.

Last Word
WEfforts to change the name of the iconic Eden Gardens have fallen flat, a court in Kolkata has ruled against it. There goes one big, ambitious project of the new president of the state cricket association, Saurav Ganguly.