Resul Pookutty: I am stepping into filmmaking

Oscar-winner Resul Pookutty says he now wants to step into direction and production after a successful career as a sound designer.

Resul Pookutty
Resul Pookutty

"I am taking to the next level of creativity now... I am considering producing and directing movies. That's on my mind.

I can't disclose the details but it will happen soon," Pookutty told PTI.

The 43-year-old sound editor, meanwhile, has his plate full with films like, "Nanak Shah Fakir", "Margarita, with a Straw", Muzaffar Ali's period drama "Jaanisar" and a Hollywood movie "Promise Dad".

Pookutty said working on "Margarita...", which is about the discrimination against differently-abled people, was an emotionally stressful journey.

"Every film is difficult as it is an emotional journey, as it is about process, people and relationships. You undergo all those emotions that the film has so this was an emotionally stressful journey.

"This film is like a wake up call because we don't care about the needs of the disabled people, their love, affection and aspirations, we don't even think about that, we don't consider them as a part of us," he said.

Pookutty is excited about collaborating with Ali on "Jaanisar" and feels the "Umrao Jaan" director will bring back the lost essence of poetry.

"We are in the final stages of design work for the film.

I think the essence of poetry is lost from our Hindi films, there is a certain literature that has been lost. Muzaffar's work will bring that back," Pookutty said.

He has mentored sound design of the National Award- winning film "Court".

"I did not work on it personally but a long associate of mine worked in my studio. So I have seen it evolving and have been involved in that sense, like a mentor," he said.

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