Revealed: Anushka Sharma's look in 'pk'

Given that pk's first poster had a nude Aamir Khan in it, it's hardly surprising to see that it had created a lot of buzz. Interestingly though, the poster didn't feature any other star from the cast, including Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput. Turns out that the makers want to release their posters in phases, thus maintaining a shroud of mystery around the film.

Anushka Sharma during a shoot for her film, 'pk'
Anushka Sharma during a shoot for her film, 'pk'

The latest buzz in the industry is about Anushka Sharma's look in the film. As shown in the picture, she will be sporting a short hairdo in the film. In fact, the word is that Anushka was required to cut her hair for the film, but she couldn't do so due to her other film commitments. As a result, she had to sport a wig in the movie.

Says a source, "Director Rajkumar Hirani was keen to have Anushka don this look. He tried quite a few looks before finalising this one. Rajkumar thinks that this hairdo adds a new dimension to her personality and character. That said, Anushka couldn't cut her hair for the film, since she also has to shoot for Ranbir Kapoor-starrer, 'Bombay Velvet', and her home production, 'NH10'.

The latter films need her to sport long hair, so the actress decided to wear a wig for her part in the film. The unit members were initially sceptical about the wig but she looks great and everyone approved of her look." The film's spokesperson confirmed the story.



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