Canadian tennis beauty Eugenie Bouchard says bananas and eggs are the healthy snack she loves to gorge on for all-day energy.

Eugenie Bouchard. Pic/Getty Images
Eugenie Bouchard. Pic/Getty Images

"I'm not a cooking person, so there's not much in the fridge. On the rare occasion that I do cook, I make myself breakfast. Eggs are my go-to in the morning for some protein. And bananas, definitely. Orange juice as well. You have to start your day off with that.

'Energy bars help too'
"I always have my energy bars and energy gels (on hand). All tennis players eat like five bananas a day," Bouchard, who spends four hours a day practising and another couple of hours in the gym training, told American magazine SELF in an interview recently.

The 2014 Wimbledon finalist said it's important to strike a balance between working hard and relaxation.

"Even sleep is part of my job because I need a certain number of hours of sleep to be able to train at the intensity that I do. I'm constantly working to keep my body in the best possible shape. You just have to keep working hard. That's the experience that I've had in my career."

Bouchard's mantra for relaxation is hitting the beach. "I love going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. I think it's so relaxing," said the World No 42.

When asked who's the one influential person she'd like to have dinner with, the 22-year-old said it is American talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah for inspiration
"Someone that I'm really inspired by, and that I look up to, is Oprah. It's amazing how she's created such an empire. I love those inspiring stories. I would just ask her what it was like and what she would say to herself to keep believing when times are tough."