Revealed: How chocolate can boost sex drive

Feb 09, 2017, 17:35 IST | midday online correspondent

Chocolates in any form especially hot molten chocolate, eating with strawberries is a favourite for couples, who wish to get naughty in the bedroom. On International Chocolate Day, we look at how chocolate plays a role in sexual arousal as an aphrodisiac...

Chocolate sexual health
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Several studies and researches over the years have revealed that chocolate is an effective aphrodisiac when consumed and has interesting benefits when it comes to sexual health i.e. boosting libido.

Medical experts say the chocolate contains phenylethylamine, an amino acid that increases the body's endorphins and work as natural anti-depressants thus aiding in enhancing sexual pressure when consumed before or during intercourse. Additionally, the presence of tryptophan, an amino acid, which facilitates the creation of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal.

Despite this opinions vary regarding the actually potency of chocolate and it's link with sexual activity and libido, with many researchers being divided.

How couples get naughty under the covers with chocolate...
>> As mentioned earlier, strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce is a bedroom favourite. Some couples say it enhances foreplay and makes sex enjoyable
>> The popular Valentine's Day Gift - a box of assorted chocolates is also popular.
>> Chocolate mixed with whipped cream is a staple for some couples who like including food in their erotic games.
>> Chocolate sauce or hot chocolate is used during sensual massages as a form of foreplay during sex.
>> Some health experts recommend mixing hot chocolate with chipotle chillies for explosive results!

Did you know?
The ancient Aztecs believed cocoa bean, from which chocolate is derived from, contain powerful effects on sexual well-being. Emperor Montezuma was believed to consume the bean in copious amounts to fuel his trysts.

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