Reward to catch sadist who fed kitten to python

British newspaper The Sun has offered a 3,000-pound reward to catch the culprit who fed a kitten to a python, it said on its website Tuesday

The cash - on top of 2,000 pounds put up by an animal charity - is for information leading to the conviction of the "sicko" behind the vile crime, it said.

The Sun showed scenes from an internet video of the python pouncing on a kitten that had been lowered on to the owner's bed in a Santa hat - as the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy played.

Tony Woodley, an inspector at RSPCA, a leading UK animal welfare charity, called it a "sad and deplorable" act and promised to investigate any evidence. The culprit faces six months in jail and a 20,000-pound fine.

Elisa Allen, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - who are offering the 2,000-pound reward - urged Sun readers to help find the "vicious coward responsible" for the heinous act.

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