Rewind Mumbai 14 March 1931

It was produced under the banner of the Imperial Film Company that was owned by noted Parsi Ardeshir Irani and his silent partner, Abdul Ali Yusuf Bhai.

A poster announcing the film’s release on March 14, 1931 at Majestic Talkies

Hollywood sound technician William Demming and Irani recorded the sound and dialogues while Joseph David scripted it. Though the film was made partly in sound, it created a tremendous impact at the Box Office.

Alam Ara, also called The Light Of The World, had a star cast of the time, with Master Vithal, Zubeida, Jillo Bai, Yaqub, Jagdish Sethi and WM Khan. In fact, Prithviraj Kapoor made his first screen appearance as an extra in this film. 

A scene from Alam Ara

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