Ridley Scott makes tough space movies look so easy, says Danny Boyle

London: Filmmaker Danny Boyle challenged his fellow Britisher Ridley Scott after 'The Martian' director called his acclaimed 2015 movie "straightforward".

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle

Scott insisted he had no problems shooting the Mars-based movie once he started filming, because the script was so good, prompting Steve Jobs director Boyle to protest, because he'll never make another space film after tackling 'Sunshine' in 2007.

Boyle interrupted his peer and stated, "It's weird making space movies, because you are in the footsteps of the people who have been there before, principally him (Scott)... It was so tough.

"When the film came out and I did all the publicity, I remember having this schtick, where I said, 'I've looked at it and no director who has ever been in space ever goes back to space, unless he's got to do a sequel' - and then he's defied it of course by making The Martian, and then he sits there and says it wasn't a problem at all!"

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