Rihanna breaks down while performing 'Love The Way You Lie'

Rihanna sparked concern among her fans when she burst into tears during a show at the Aviva Stadium as part of her ANTI World Tour.


The 28-year-old singer started weeping while performing her hit song Love The Way You Lie, leading worried fans to take to social media to find out what happened.

'Why was Rihanna crying today at her concert,' a concerned fan asked on Twitter.

Another said: 'I've never seen Rihanna cry. Why is she crying?'

Following the show, Rihanna took to Instagram to say she was so 'blessed' to have the fans that she does, although she didn't address why she was crying.

"What a night! Such an emotional show for me! I feel so lucky to have a team like the Navy man! I'm blessed! No matter what I'm on you always snatch me out of it! I am so grateful to have you all," she wrote.

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