'Rings' - Movie Review

Feb 11, 2017, 06:07 IST | Johnson Thomas

A; Horror-thriller
Director: F Javier Gutierrez
Cast: Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki
Rating: 1.5/5

A bunch of writers try to recreate the 2002 English language horror hit, The Ring (based on Koji Suzuki’s eponymous novel), which was a remake of the cult Japanese original, but it doesn’t come close to either of the two chilling films.

In this rehashed version, a group of high school students watches an infamous unmarked video and finds they are cursed to die because of it. So, their only hope of survival is to find other people to watch the tape so that the curse is transferred. They receive a phone call in which a little girl’s voice gives them ‘seven days’ to pay it forward. The supposedly eerie film seems so amateurish that it would have never crossed the first hurdle even at an unheard-of film festival.

Holt (Alex Roe), Julia (Matilda Lutz), their favourite professor Gabriel (Johnny Galecki) and a few other students try to unlock the secrets of the tape by watching it and studying its effects. But the secrets behind Samara (the ghost in the video within a video) are not easy to unravel. So, all hopes of bringing her peace and saving their skin are on hold until they travel to a near-ghostly town, where her remains were supposedly buried 12 years earlier. It is also where a popular local girl went missing 30 years earlier.

Not having Naomi Watts (who was in the 2002 version) is quite a handicap in itself, specially when the makers are trying to reintroduce a stupid, albeit money-making, concept to a young audience which may not have heard of the original or its remakes. And almost everything that transpires here has a déjà vu feel to it. The so-called scary moments are so wearisome that they grate on your nerves. The young talent here is also not interesting enough to put your money on.

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