With Diwali around the corner and a slight nip in the air, people have started craving for sweets. But the sweet tooth is causing a lot of ache, as doctors in the city say cases of food poisoning and diarrhea are on a rise. Doctors say, on an average, they treat five to six patients daily, while more than double of that number might not even be seeking medical treatment.

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"In north India, the festive season starts from Dussehra and continues till Diwali. During this time, people are busy socialising, and buying sweets for themselves and the near and dear ones. Due to adulteration, nearly five to six patients come to our hospital every day," said Dr S K Thakur, consultant, gastroenterology, Moolchand hospital.

"Cases of diarrhoea are also on the rise. In a day, we see nearly 10 patients, of whom, three to four have to be admitted. During the festive season, people tend to go out and have meals in restaurants," said Dr M S Paul, senior consultant, gastroenterology, Fortis Health-care, Vasant Kunj.

Suggesting ways to prevent diseases and enjoy the festivals fully, Dr Paul added, "People should avoid buying milk-based products such as khoya, cake, pastries, ice creams and mayonnaise. Washing hands before eating anything is extremely important. People should eat at hygienic places."