Los Angeles: Singer-actress Rita Ora will reprise her role of Christian Grey's sister in the two sequels of hit erotic-drama 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora. Pic/Santa Banta 

Despite only having four lines in the blockbuster movie that was released in February, the singer appears to have secured a deal to be part of all three, according to Sony Pictures emails, which have been released by Wikileaks, reported Deadline.

Her US agent Franklin Latt, in an e-mail to former Sony Pictures CEO Amy Pascal, explained, "Rita, 23, will appear in Universal's upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey playing the role of Mia Grey and will appear in the next two instalments of the movie."

Her roles come after director Sam Taylor Johnson, who has admitted to being a huge fan of 'Hot Right Now' star Ora, describing her as a 'firecracker', said she will not be involved in the remaining films after a fall-out with writer EL James, whose book series the film is based on.