Rob Lowe under fire for offensive Paris attack tweets

Nov 15, 2015, 11:48 IST | PTI

Melbourne: Rob Lowe seems to have upset his fans with his insensitive tweets about the Paris attacks, as he is being slammed on the social media for it.

The 51-year-old American actor, who tweeted after French president Francois Hollande made his address, later defended himself for his offensive tweets, reports.

Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe

One of `The Outsiders' actor's tweet says, 'This is either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given #Hollande.'

Causing dismay among people, the actor also wrote, 'oh, NOW France closes its borders. #Hollande.'

Slamming Lowe for his offensive tweets, one of the Twitter use wrote, '@RobLowe your career has been on a consistent slide since the West Wing, and it's because you're an atrocious human being.'
Another user tweeted, '@bansheesbones @ThomasMorrison @RobLowe Very true! Heartbreaking tweet...'

Rob's insensitive tweets came after he wrote a comment of support, 'Vive La France," the French equivalent of 'God bless America.'

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