Robbed photojournalist pinning hopes on CSA

Kumar boarded an Intercape bus on Friday night to get to the venue of India’s second ODI that was held yesterday. On Saturday morning, Kumar lodged a complaint over his stolen equipment to the bus company as well as to the Durban police.

Narender Kumar
Narender Kumar

He told MiD DAY yesterday that he is being helped by Cricket South Africa officials and is hopeful of getting back his equipment to resume his photography duties.

“I am getting a lot of support, but this is a very stressful time for me. I am merely sitting in the Durban media centre. I am in no mood to sit with the other photographers on the boundary.”

Here’s what Kumar’s stolen bag had: Canon camera Mark III, Canon camera 5D Mark II, Canon camera 50D, Canon lens 400mm 2.8, Canon lens 70x200mm 2.8, Canon lens 16x35 2.8, Canon flash 580EX II with battery pack, camera battery and chargers. 

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