New York: Mara Wilson, who played the youngest daughter to Robin Williams' cross-dressing father in 'Mrs Doubtfire', has penned a moving tribute to the late actor.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Williams, 63, one of the most loved actor-comedians of his generation, committed suicide on August 11. In a long blog post, Wilson has shared memories of her time filming the iconic movie. "He always reminded me a little of my father. Robin Williams, as I knew him, was warm, gentle, expressive, nurturing, and brilliant.

"While it can be hard for me to remember filming 'Doubtfire', I've been flooded with memories in the past few days. It's humbling to know I am one of the few people who was there for these moments, that he's no longer around to share them," Wilson wrote. The blogger said like everyone, she also had beautiful memories and some regrets.

"Robin would do anything to make me and the other kids laugh. Those hand puppets that dance alongside the genie in Aladdin's 'Friend Like Me'?... He'd break them out between takes to entertain us between takes," Wilson recalls. "...He seemed to know instinctively what we would find funny, and never had to resort to saying anything that was inappropriate for children.

He was, after all, a father himself." Wilson said they had not spoken in a few years as they had just lost track of each other. "I wish we had talked more. I wish I had reached out more. Being a Worst Case Scenario kind of person, I've worried so many times about losing so many people I care about, but I never could imagine losing Robin," she said.

"If you can affect someone when they're young, you are in their heart forever. It is remarkable how many lives Robin touched, and how many people said, just as I had, that he reminded them of their fathers," she wrote.