On a suggestion given by Bombay High Court, Excel Entertainment, the company promoted by Farhan Akhtar, on Saturday consented to give credit to Abhishek Kapoor as a joint writer of the coming film 'Rock On 2', sequel of the 2008 film.

Kapoor had filed a suit in the HC seeking credit as a joint writer along with Pubali Chaudhary. His lawyers Birendra Saraf and Hitesh argued that the sequel had been written in a collaborative effort by Kapoor and Chaudhary. To back the claim, they submitted multiple e-mails exchanged between the two.

They also argued that Kapoor had put in lot of efforts as a story writer of the 2008 film which starred Farhan Akhtar
and Arjun Rampal.

Farhan's lawyer Virendra Tulzapurkar argued that there was an agreement between the two parties (Farhan and Kapoor) which provided that Kapoor won't have credit as a joint story writer.

However, Justice Gautam Patel suggested that the matter should be resolved amicably, and it appeared that Kapoor had worked on the story.

Farhan's lawyers then agreed to Justice Patel's suggestion that Kapoor should get credit as a joint writer. The suit was then disposed of.