Rohit Roy's old phone being misused?

Rohit Roy has filed a complaint with the DN Nagar police station in Andheri, alleging that an imposter was using his old phone to send messages to his friends and family members.

Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy

On Sunday morning, the actor tweeted, “Hey all.. Someone who has managed to get my old blackberry is sending requests using my name n image.. Have reported him to the police.. Please do not accept any invites on bbm or fb from this fraudster.. Have got this guy's number as well. Please be careful of this guy. (sic)”

The actor had apparently exchanged his old phone for a new one recently. He is yet to figure out if someone from the shop was using the phone to send messages or if it was sold without restoring its factory settings. Rohit said, “I got several messages from my friends asking if I have been sending them requests and then I found out that someone has been using my image and phone to send BBM requests to people I know.”

The actor, however, clarified that the imposter had not pulled off any dangerous pranks so far. “But he seems to know everything about me. Just to be sure, one of my friends asked this guy a couple of questions and the person answered correctly. The cops have now referred the complaint to the cyber cell department. I think they will soon find out the person.”

The actor later uploaded a picture of the bar code which was being used to send the requests.

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