Romance time on 'Amita Ka Amit'

Chandni plays Amita and says her character's goal is to become the kind of girl Amit wanted ... slim, punctual and who takes care of the family members.

A still from 'Amita Ka Amit'
A still from 'Amita Ka Amit'

"So Amita will now try to become Amit's dreamgirl and Amit will try to be like the man Amita wanted - someone who doesn't wear glasses and boring clothes, who is romantic," Chandni said here on the sets of the show.

"Amita and Amit now love each other. So they will try to match each other's expectations," she added.

The couple will still fight with each other, but it will be different.

"These will be different kinds of fights. It won't be like the fights that happened earlier, which were serious and Amita never understood what Amit wanted her to do. These will be lovable fights," said Nishad Vaidya, who plays Amit.

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