Ronaldo's 'hot' Israeli ad puts him in middle of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Feb 11, 2016, 21:58 IST | IANS

Jerusalem: Spanish football giants Real Madrid's Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has sparked controversy after taking part in a paid advertisement on an Israeli channel, which unleashed online rage and has invited criticism from Palestinians.


In the advertisement, three Israeli players relish their ability to watch Ronaldo's moves in unparalleled speed using the new fast Internet connection. When they are approached by their team's most recent acquisition, Ronaldo himself, he pronounces the Hebrew word "neshamah" (my soul), reports Efe.

They then debate which is faster, Ronaldo or their newly-improved Internet connection. In doing so they seem to offend Ronaldo, who they attempt to pacify.

"Faster than Ronaldo!" the announcer then exclaims.

Ronaldo attached a link for the commercial on his Twitter account, and wrote on Thursday, "There are rumours that I'm going to be a star in Israel. Not in soccer... In a HOT commercial" a pun referring to Israeli cable company Hot.

After the commercial went viral, Ronaldo was showered with a barrage of criticism by his followers, some of whom said that he "lost respect" while others asked for the advertisement to be taken off screens.

Amid the criticism, the commercial gained acclaim by other fans, who stressed their love for Ronaldo.

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