Mickey Rourke's character in Tarsem Singh's film is inspired by the Ramayan character

Hollywood director Tarsem Singh took inspiration for his upcoming film, Immortals, from his Indian roots.

The 3D action-adventure that is loosely based on the Greek myth of Theseus, the Minotaur and the Titanomachy stars Frieda Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill.

Mickey Rourke in Immortals

The role of King Hyperion played my Mickey is inspired from Raavan's character from the Indian epic Ramayana.
A source reveals, "Tarsem who has seen Ramleela as a kid has always been drawn to the character of Raavan.
While conceiving Mickey's character he saw shades of Raavan in him. He wanted Mickey to be able to essay the same calmand composure while playing the villain.

He narrated the Ramayana (the epic) to Mickey to give him the feel of Raavan's character but Mickey didn't get the hang of it.
To explain it better, Tarsem showed him the TV show Ramayana with Raavan's sequences to help him get into the skin of the role."