RR Patil: How could I term 26/11 a small incident?

Nov 22, 2012, 08:01 IST | Ravikiran Deshmukh

The dreaded foot-in-mouth disease is common in the political circles, and no one knows it better than RR Patil. An injudicious comment — “Bade bade sheheron mein ek-adh aisi ghatna hoti rehti hai (such small incidents keep happening in big cities)” — attributed to Home Minister RR Patil following the 26/11 attacks substantially contributed to the NCP leader giving up the same portfolio soon after. Following Ajmal Qasab’s execution yesterday, when Patil was reminded of the alleged gaffe, he became emotional.

Media management: Home Minister RR Patil addressing the media following Ajmal Qasab’s execution yesterday. PIC/Bipin Kokate

“How could someone, who didn’t eat for three whole days following the attacks, term the episode a small one? The statement I have made is available on YouTube. Go through it, check the question that was put to me and my response,” Patil said, adding, “But I have decided not to speak on the issue.” When asked whether he was feeling happier after the execution of the terrorist, Patil replied in the negative, saying many innocent lives had been lost in the attacks. 

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