The city’s Regional Transport Offices (RTO), responsible for handing out driving licences, has started the practice of showing CCTV footage of road accidents to prospective drivers, who come to get their learners’ licence.

Officials at the government agency hope that these videos will send the right message to motorists and will instil a sense of responsibility in them while driving.

Most of the videos shown in the 10-minute clips, captured at various cities and towns of India, are of accidents that occur at intersections, similar to the accident of late Union Minister, Gopinath Munde. “The videos are shown before their test,” said K Golani, under whom vehicles with MH-01 are registered at Tardeo RTO.

Officials say that while they ensure that the accidents shown are not too gory, they hope that it sends the right message to prospective drivers. Most of these clips are taken from busy road junctions where there is a complete lack of discipline while following traffic rules and signals. In the clippings, vehicles are observed colliding at intersections when both the drivers refuse to slow down.

Most videos show two-wheeler accidents as they are seen weaving through traffic and ending up in a collision. Others show the careless attitude of four-wheeler drivers who have little respect for traffic signals, thus endangering the lives of other motorists. “We have started showing videos of accidents, about traffic signals and other important aspects that drivers should know,” said S Bhalerao under whom vehicles with MH-02 are registered at Andheri RTO.