Rugby player Shaun Johnson flirts with Caroline Wozniacki

Jan 11, 2016, 08:37 IST | A Correspondent

The recent Chris Gayle-Mel McLaughlin controversial interaction notwithstanding, here's a genuinely light-hearted post-match interview that should bring a smile across most faces.

Caroline Wozniacki. Pic/Getty Images
Caroline Wozniacki. Pic/Getty Images

During the ASB Classic in Auckland recently, former World No 1 tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki's press conference was hijacked by New Zealand rugby player Shaun Johnson, who was invited to the conference by the tournament's organisers.

And while he sat amidst the scribes, Johnson decided to behave like one too, and asked the Dane a couple of questions.

Follow me Woz
He first asked Wozniacki what her pre-match meals are like, and followed it up with a cheeky one. "On behalf of all male Kiwis in this country, hope your dad doesn't come after me after I ask this. Can you follow me on Instagram," Johnson asked Wozniacki, who quickly replied in the affirmative, but not before showing off her cheeky side too.

New Zealand rugby player Shaun Johnson posted this picture with Caroline Wozniacki on Instagram
New Zealand rugby player Shaun Johnson posted this picture with Caroline Wozniacki on Instagram

"Are you following me? As far as I know, you came to the players' party to see Ana Ivanovic. I'm sure you follow Ana Ivanovic too," said Wozniacki, who later posed for a picture with the rugby star.

Now, the New Zealand media have decided not to let this story die. A couple of days ago, they asked Johnson if Wozniacki had indeed followed him on Instagram. "No, she's not (following me). So can you guys ask her in the next press conference? Say 'Shaun was just in your seat and still hasn't received a following'," Johnson told reporters. And right enough Wozniacki was questioned. "So he's stalking my Instagram now, that's good to know! I don't know, he should ask me himself," said the 25-year-old Dane.

Johnson however, has appreciated Wozniacki for her sporting behaviour throughout the incident. "You've got to give her credit, She was easy going, played along and that says a lot about who she is. She seemed pretty cool and awesome," said Johnson, who also took to Twitter and said: "On the court she's amazing. But have to give her props for being a fun down to earth awesome chic off it.

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