Russel's brother's DNA taken for identification

Sixteen days after Costa Concordia ran aground off the Italian coast, search operators are still looking for Russel Rebello -- the only Indian missing from the ill-fated cruise-liner. In that same effort local police have taken Russel's elder brother Kevin's DNA samples for future reference.

Confirming the same, Kevin, who is in Italy, said that the police had taken his samples and further clarified that six remaining dead bodies had been identified -- five being German and one American. The Italian officials, who are closely supervising the search operations, have been giving daily updates to the families.

Kevin added that investigations had revealed that Russel had used the phone from his cabin just before the mishap. Meanwhile, as of yesterday, divers had finished a complete search till the fourth deck of the ship. Divers have been using dynamite to enter the rooms. However, operations are becoming more difficult as the colour of the water around the ship has become dark and murky.

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