Russian couple, who breached security by entering Mumbai waters, set sail for Indonesia

Apr 13, 2017, 21:00 IST | Suraj Ojha

Russian Orlov Dmitry and (below) Orlov Alena
Russian Orlov Dmitry and (below) Orlov Alena

After they sailed into the city on Sunday in their yacht without any security clearances Russian globetrotting couple Orlov Dmitry (45) and Orlov Alena (39) are now on their way to Indonesia. The couple set sail yesterday morning.

The couple had already been declared clean by the Russian embassy during verification.

On Sunday, the couple had anchored their yacht at a lighthouse close to the Gateway of India. They dropped anchor after running out of food and approached local fishermen for help. The fishermen alerted the Colaba police.

Orlov Alena

Later, a team of policemen confiscated the couple’s passports. After the cops received confirmation of the couple’s innocence from various agencies, including the consulate, they went to the yacht on Tuesday evening and handed them their passports. Manoj Kumar, DCP Zone 1, said, “We have given them their passports and now they are free to leave the Indian waters.”

Once all the formalities ended, the Colaba police took the Yellow Gate police station’s patrolling speedboat which escorted the Russian couple’s yacht till 12 nautical miles, from where they headed towards Indonesia.

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