Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he feared his acting career was over after he accidentally gave his 'Safe House' co-star Denzel Washington a black-eye during a fight scene.

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington

The two actors were scrapping in a moving car when Reynolds made contact with the Philadelphia star's face.

"Ryan gave me a black eye. There's a scene where I reach over to try and choke him where I have my handcuffs on and we were flying around in the car.

He wasn't actually driving the car but it just happened - as I was reaching forward he was flying back. He went, pow! Contactmusic quoted Washington as saying.

"I never had a black eye in my life but I can't say that anymore!" he said. Following the incident, the 35-year-old actor admits he thought he would be asked to leave the set and the film. "That was my early retirement... It was weird to feel my face on fire," he added.