Saanvi Talwar in more trouble post slap gate controversy

Tiffs between lead actors are a common thing in the telly industry. That's why when we heard about the rift between lead actors Karan Kundra and Saanvi Talwar of 'Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum', it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Saanvi Talwar
Saanvi Talwar

According to the latest gossip in the media circuit, the two actors were supposed to shoot a kissing sequence, where Karan kisses Saanvi and she retaliates with a slap. However, during the shoot, Kundra began kissing before his cue and the actress responded with a slap, just as the script demanded. Unfortunately, Saanvi hit Karan a little too harder than expected. The actor lost his cool and post their sequence approached Saanvi, slapped her and then verbally abused her.

While all this happened in front of the whole cast and crew of the show, no one came to her rescue or her defense. The actress reported the incident to the production house, but everyone paid no heed to her complaints. We spoke to a source close to the show to find out more details on the slap gate controversy. "Yes, it is true that the Saanvi slapped Karan according to the script, but no one expected Karan to retaliate by slapping her. We were all shocked, but that's not all. No one has taken any action against it, in stead now they are maligning her name by saying that she had a soft corner for Karan. Frankly, Saanvi has been ordered not to talk to the media about the incident or give her comments on it."

Saanvi Talwar has decided to continue working on the show, because she has no choice as per her contract.

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