SAD END: Blackmailed, woman jumps into Bhayander creek with son

A suicide note found in her house revealed that her former employer, who owed her money, was threatening to tell people that they had been involved in an affair 

Blackmailed by her former employer, a 30-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping into the Bhayender creek along with her five-year-old son yesterday, in the afternoon. A passer-by saw the woman’s body floating near the shore of the creek at 4 pm.

Last ride together: Cops said that the woman, who lived in Mira Road, arrived in Bhayander on a train, along with her son Vikas 

According to the Bhayender police, the woman has been identified as Yashodha Rana, who stayed in Ramdev Park, Mira Road, with her husband. Officers said she had arrived in Bhayender on a train, along with her son Vikas.

Spotting the body, the passers-by called out to the fishermen for help, who recovered the body. They then informed the police. On reaching the spot, officers also found Vikas’ body. The cops then traced the identity of the woman, and reached her house. They met Rana’s husband, Hausia (30). The officers also found a suicide note in her bedroom, written in Hindi.

“The note stated that she was committing suicide as she was being harassed by her former employer, who was threatening her,” said a police officer.

The police said that till a few months ago, Rana was working in a mobile shop owned by a man named Yusuf Valsania. “Rana had given Valsania her gold chain, as he needed money. When she asked him to return the money, Valsania started threatening her, saying he would defame her by claiming that they were involved an affair, because of which Rana had given him her chain,” said Dy SP Chandrakant Joshi.

In her note, Rana blamed Valsania for her suicide, and said that neither her family nor her husband was responsible for her step. “We are registering a case of abetment to suicide against Valsania,” said Joshi.

  • mdd27-Feb-2014

    ending her life was not the solution to her problem. Atleast she should have not taken her son's life.

  • sam25-Feb-2014

    Truely sad.....RIP ....She should have talk about this with her husband; before taking such a drastic step....!!!

  • Amit25-Feb-2014

    A very sad and heart breaking picture of a mother and her son lying dead.. Don't know why God created this hell called Earth

  • Ramani26-Feb-2014

    It is really shocking. She should not have taken this drastic step. She should have spoken this matter with her husband.

  • Sarita27-Feb-2014

    Suicide is not the solution for all the tragedy happens in one's life and moreover her and her son's life was more precious than than anything in this world.Instead she could have lodged a complain against that person and could have spoken to her husband and could have taught a lesson to that employer using womens right.

  • Irfan25-Feb-2014

    WTF...why did she not spoke with her husband about this matter.People should communicate with those whom they love before taking such tragic steps.

  • Ritesh Singh27-Feb-2014

    neither the family nor the husband was responsible for it... then why did you leave them a scar for life? they will have to live this depression... all their life.. inspite of being innocent...

  • Susheel Jain15-Mar-2015

    We love you kid, the little one. We miss you. The world is not made of bad people, there are more good people. Oh Mother, why did you do this to yourself and the little cute future of our country. We, are all your extended family, and we would have all helped you, when you needed us. You could have tried. Please do not give birth and kill a child like that, and your life was as precious as that of your son's. Come back the next birth as mother and son, in Mumbai again.

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