Sadhus and one-legged pants

The second show on Day Two started on a dull note with Nimish Shah, whose collection comprised village girl style midi dresses, woven skirts, tailored jackets paired with knit mufflers and cropped sweaters in warm tones and floral prints. We liked the abstract print on the fabrics with a silken sheen, paired with simple sweaters (Sabina Chopra was seen wearing that in the audience too).

Adding a bit of surprise to the plain Jane floral prints were sweaters and mufflers with flowerpot firecrackers in their pattern. But that was it.

Next up was Payal Khandwala with her collection Sadhu and Samurai. The highlight of this slot, Khandwala’s line comprised intelligently tailored layers of fluid, flowy silhouettes and wrap-on skirts. The colour palette comprised burnt orange, ochre, coffee and a hint of indigo. Khandwala managed to merge the influences of the Sadhu and Samurai with top dos, sleek ponytails, and beaded neckpieces. The garments looked simple on the outside, but had a lot of thought behind them, which is just what you would expect from a show that draws inspiration from the concepts of peace and violence.

Roma Narsinghani’s collection, Dreamcatchers, had models literally wearing dreamcatchers in their necks on the ramp. The designer used lattice jackets and stiff ruffles to negate the free flowing fabrics of her outfits. The highlight of this collection was the one-legged trouser. And we thought we’d seen it all with one-shouldered tops.

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