Saif Gaddafi held in 'complete isolation but in good physical condition'

Slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam is being held in complete isolation, but appears to be in "good physical condition", a human rights group has said.
The US-based Human Rights Watch group said that since his 33-days in detention, Saif al-Islam has been cut off from the world with no access to his family or a lawyer. Saif has had no access to newspapers, television or radio, the group said, but has had weekly visits from a doctor, the group said after a 30-minute private meeting with the detained dictator''s son, The Telegraph reports.
"The treatment is okay; at least I'm in my own country. "There is no torture or anything like that, Saif al-Islam told Fred Abrahams, who conducted the visit for the human rights group. According to Abrahams, Saif's main concern was the lack of access to family and to a lawyer who can help his case.
Saif al-Islam claims he was captured outside Obari in southern Libya as he sought hospital treatment on his hand following a NATO strike in Zimzim Valley that killed 26 members of his convoy. He claimed that Libyan forces from Zintan learned about the trip to the hospital and made the arrest.
"I was going to meet a doctor in the south for my hand, for an operation. The hand was in very bad shape," Saif al-Islam said. Libyan officials claimed Saif al-Islam has been held in isolation due to security concerns. Under Libyan law and UN guidance detainees should be granted access to a lawyer no later than 48 hours after arrest. 

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