Abu Salem asks for parole so he can 'protect woman's name' and marry her

Abu Salem
Abu Salem before a court hearing. File photo

A month after Abu Salem was convicted by a special TADA court of being a party to the conspiracy behind the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts that killed 257 people and gravely injured 713, he has sought permission to marry a woman from Mumbra  at a registrar’s office.

As per a report in the Times of India, Salem had first asked for permission in August 2015, which was followed by the woman’s pleas to the TADA court for permission to marry him. She stated to the court that after roumours that she was going to marry Abu Salem, she was unable to find a match and no one was willing to marry her.

On hearing her request the court said that she did not need their permission to marry anyone. Two months later, Salem requested for furlow from the jail to “officially give his name to the woman” and to “protect her name”. His application is still pending, even though his application states that there is no law barring any under trial from getting married.

His current plea includes examples of two orders from the Bombay and Delhi High Courts with similar cases filed. His plea was submitted by Farhana Shah, who said that they are hopeful that the court would take the other two cases into cognizance and allow Salem to get married.

Salem’s case has special TADA judge GA Sanap who asked CBI special prosecutor Deepak Salvi’s opinion on Salem’s case. 

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