Salim Khan miffed with imposter writing 'ridiculous' articles by his name

Bollywood film writer Salim Khan is miffed with an unknown person who is writing 'meaningless' and 'ridiculous' articles and poems and calling it Salim Khan's work. The text is being circulated on WhatsApp.

Salim Khan miffed with imposter writing 'ridiculous' articles by his nameSalim Khan

“Many of my friends had mentioned it to me that they have read some random articles and poems. But I told them that I had not written anything like that. It has been happening for quite some time and I had also filed a complaint in the Cyber Cell. But till now the culprit has not been caught,” he says.

Apparently, in the last two months, the culprit has started writing and forwarding the articles frequently.

“Because I started listening about it from my friends again, I took to Twitter to clarify about it. People should not think that I am writing those meaningless things,” he added.

His tweets read, “There is some ridiculous and meaningless material going around in my name on WhatsApp. I want to tell my readers I am not guilty of it. Find out the culprit and it is our moral duty and responsibility to educate him."

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