Salma Hayek and I grew to hate each other: Antonio Banderas

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas says he started to hate his co-star Salma Hayek during the promotion of their last release 'Puss in Boots'.

Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas

The actors conducted 739 interviews in 11 days when the film came out last year and movie bosses appreciated them for enduring the promotional commitments patiently but inside both Banderas and Hayek were ready to "kill each other", Daily Express reported.

"We travelled to nine countries, nine premieres, three different continents... It was fun and difficult too. It's just weird when you're doing interviews. Basically, they (reporters and interviewers) ask you the same question again and again... and you answer the same thing... and when you're doing pair interviews - because Salma and I, we were just doing interviews all the time together - it's just weird.

"By the time that we were in Rome, we started kind of hating each other. By the time we were in Sydney, we wanted to kill each other - because we knew exactly what the other (person) was going to answer (sic). We were just so tired," he said.

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