Salman promises an 'alag', family-friendly 'Bigg Boss'

Speaking on the ‘alag’ factor this season, Salman Khan elaborated, “Bigg Boss Season 6 will connect with the whole family this time – there will be a lot of fun while watching the ‘nok-jhonk’ between housemates. Just like every happy family that has different strokes for different folks, Bigg Boss’ house will also have ‘alag’ personalities, along with their quirks and eccentricities.”

Salman Khan with parrot

What’s new this season?
Keeping with the theme of the season, the tag line of the show will be ‘Alag Che’. Since the makers are targeting family audiences this time round, any housemates that violate Bigg Boss’ rules will be reprimanded to the panic room, which is yet another ‘alag’ element this season.

Apart from celebrities, an ‘aam aadmi’ will also be a part of the house. Making this season ‘alag’ from the previous ones, ‘Bigg Boss 6’ will have two different houseguests – a fish and a talking parrot to give company to the housemates.

Salman Khan with fish

What won’t change is the fact that the contestants will be devoid of what we consider normal in everyday life – a phone, the TV, a wall clock etc, and their eccentric reactions to being away from all that they consider dear.

The concept of ‘Bigg Boss’ encompasses celebrities from different walks of life, who are locked in a house for 90 days – with 63 cameras following their every little move 24x7. 

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