Sameera makes a new start

Oct 06, 2011, 09:51 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Dussehra has always been a special occasion for the Reddy family. "My eldest daughter Meghna was born on Navami. So, this festival marks a very significant occasion in our lives," says Sameera Reddy's mom Niki as her youngest daughter gets dressed for our shoot. Glowing in a beautiful orange lace sari, Sameera steps out talking excitedly about what makes this Dussehra so special for her. Read on to find out:

Who: Sameera Reddy
What: Talking about what makes this Dusshera special
Where: At her Bandra residence

The home-coming 
This is going to be my first Dussehra in my new home. My parents are really proud of the fact that I bought a house at this young age with my own money ('She didn't take even a paisa from Mr Reddy,' her mom proudly adds). They always felt that I would do an MBA after my B Com, and get hitched thereafter. Mom and dad never visualised me as the ambitious career-oriented girl I am now. For me, Dussehra is associated with cleansing. It is a time to get rid of all emotional and mental baggage and welcome the new. My house is almost done. I just need to put in the upholstery, bed linen, curtains and knick-knacks, basically give it the finishing touches. By Diwali, I will be ready to move in. 

Muhurat magic
A lot of cleaning happens at home before Dussehra. We do a pooja at home. Moreover, no non-vegetarian dishes are prepared at home for 10 days. I will decorate my new home with a nice toran. Plus, there is going to be an elaborate South Indian meal at home. Last year, my parents purchased a holiday home in Khandala for Dussehra while I got my BMW. This year, my sister Sushma has booked a car, a Volkswagen Vento to be delivered today. My father really believes that this day brings good luck and fortune. None of us are allowed to purchase even a TV set during Pitrupaksh.

Time to shop 
Every year we buy some gold during Dussehra or Diwali. We will buy little jewellery this time as well. But it's my mom who makes these purchases. We call it her 'Shaadi Collection' that she's been making since we girls were kids (laughs out loud). All the jewellery pieces are very South Indian in design. This year, I am going to attack all the electronic and appliances stores on Dussehra. I need to buy everything from a fridge to a 55-inch TV for my den. It's good that there are sales on at this time (winks). My dad will help me select everything, but the cooking range will be as per my choice, as I love cooking.

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