Sample the Queen of Crepes right here

Nov 09, 2011, 06:52 IST | Aviva Dharmaraj
Unless you go looking for it, it's easy to miss this cosy eatery -- creperie, if you like -- that's on the ground floor of the Atlanta building, in one of the busiest districts in the city.

Pic/ Suresh KK

An instruction I found useful was that it's in the building next to the one that houses Status restaurant. It's tiny, so you might knock the occasional elbow or two with fellow diners, but think of it as a communal eating experience! Besides, the crepes are exceptionally good (they also do salads, smoothies and coffee), so you might not object to the forced closeness too much.

The crepe that is truly exceptional here -- the same one that the eatery is named after -- is the Crepe Suzette. Served warm, the soft, slightly springy, sweet crepe is bathed in an orange-flavoured caramel (they substitute orange blossom water with the traditional orange-based liqueur Grand Marnier) and for an additional
Rs 40 can be enjoyed with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on the side.

For: Rs 200 (taxes and SC extra).
At: Suzette, Atlanta Building, ground floor, Nariman Point.
Call: 22880055 (open from Monday
To: Saturday, 9 am to 11 pm)

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