Samsung patent converts Android smartphones into Windows laptops

May 27, 2015, 14:52 IST | Jagran Post

New Delhi: South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics has filed a patent application for an Android station that turns smartphones into Windows laptops. The US Patent & Trademark Office revealed company's patent application relating to an all-new dual OS operating system hybrid device.


According to Patently Mobile,  After placing the device, which needs to run both Android and Windows,  into the station, the systems would connect and then automatically switch on a Windows mode, allowing users to control and view everything via the attached screen and keyboard.

The report said that Samsung is also collaborating with Microsoft for apps and eventually the Mobile-First, Cloud-First platform to mirror what Apple and IBM are offering, we begin to see an emerging pattern.

The South Korean giant also worked with BlackBerry which is known for their enterprise class security solutions to strengthen their Knox platform.
Taking on Apple,  Samsung released 'Samsung Flow' on Google Play store in beta form which transfers content easily between Samsung phones and tablets.

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