Sanders will help Clinton win but after fighting her

Jun 18, 2016, 08:17 IST | Agencies

Washington: Bernie Sanders has vowed to work with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to defeat Republican Donald Trump in the November polls, but declined to bow out of his race to the White House.

Bernie Sanders at a news conference in Washington. Pic/AP
Bernie Sanders at a news conference in Washington. Pic/AP

Vermont Senator Sanders (74) captured more than 12 million votes, won 22 State primaries and caucuses and came very close, within 2 points or less, in five more states. Sanders did not announce to suspend his campaign, but vowed to work with Clinton to defeat Trump. “The major political task that we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly,” Sanders said.

He said that defeating Trump cannot be his only goal. “We must take that energy into the Democratic National Convention on July 25 in Philadelphia where we will have more than 1,900 delegates,” he said.

Referring to his recent meeting with Clinton, Sanders said, “I also look forward to working with secretary Clinton to transform the Democratic party,” he added.

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