Sandy is year's number 2 topic on Facebook

Even as Hurricane Sandy knocked out power from millions of American homes, social media enthusiasts kept at it to make the 'Frankenstorm' the year's second most-talked-about topic on Facebook.

Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc in New York
Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc in New York (Pic - AFP)

Using laptops, tablets and smartphones and juicing up their battery powered devices wherever they could, people are turning to Facebook to let their family and friends know that they survived the storm.

As of 10 am Tuesday, the most-shared term by US users was "We are OK". Other top shared words and phrases included references to electrical power, damage and trees and terms such as "made it", "safe" and "thankful".

At its peak Monday, Sandy scored an 8.34 on Facebook's 'Talk Meter', which measures chatter about a news event on a scale of 1 to 10 when compared with a baseline, a report citing data provided by the social networking site said.

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